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At Top Crown Jewelry, our passion lies in crafting unique design jewelry adorned with diamonds and gemstones of exceptional quality.

Situated in the UAE and Hong Kong, recognized global hubs for top-tier diamonds and gemstones, our House boasts extensive connections with major centres worldwide. This allows us direct access to the world's most coveted, top-quality diamonds and gemstones.

Each luxury jewelry piece in our collection is meticulously designed, with the majority being one-of-a-kind creations crafted from gold or platinum. Set with carefully selected, high-quality, natural earth-mined diamonds and gemstones, each piece is curated by our specialists.

To instil trust and confidence in our clients when purchasing online, we provide high-quality photographs for each jewelry item, offering a true reflection of its condition, accompanied by full disclosure of all details.

Our jewelry items are exclusively certified by renowned laboratories, including GIA, IGI, GRS, AIG, GUBELIN, and SSEF.

Prior to leaving our workshop, each jewelry item undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it matches the presented online condition and adheres to our stringent standards.

Client satisfaction is our utmost priority. Continuously striving to uphold the highest standards, we are committed to delivering a professional and dedicated service to our valued clientele.

Our young and enthusiastic Customer Service Team is available to address any queries you may have at